Alarm clock capable of playing MP3s or videos

RealTime is an easy to use alarm clock for your Pocket PC. You can choose whatever alarm sound you like - beeps, music, or video. And you can keep your Pocket PC device time accurate by synchronizing it with the world reference atomic clock

RealTime is incredibly easy to use. All of its functions have been designed to minimize the number of taps you have to make. On-device help is provided as standard. The time is presented in bold red digits, in the format you like, accurate to the second. You can see at a glance if the alarm is set, and what time it is set to. Atomic time synchronization is done with one tap of the menu.

RealTime makes full use of soft keys, if your Pocket PC has them. You can choose one of the standard alarm sounds, or you can choose a music file - mp3, wma or wav. In fact, any sound that Windows Media Player can play on your Pocket PC. You can even wake up to a video.



RealTime 1.0